Pivot in the times of crisis

It’s funny how we have the best plans…and then comes along a global pandemic! 😲

My heart is so sad for all of the families impacted by COVID-19. And really, we are all impacted. Some worse than others. But medically, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually, our lives have turned upside down!

For my family, I am working from our house, doing Telehealth online counseling from my basement. The kids have been home from school since March 16th. And now, they will be home for the remainder of the school year doing e-learning. My husband’s role as a police officer has shifted. However, we have so many blessings. I am so grateful that we are all healthy and have had some great family time together. Not every moment has been peaceful, but that’s okay.

A few months ago I was working on shifting my business to provide more information to a larger audience. I chose to start with a YouTube channel. I was so excited about what a perfect fit this is for me. I am always most comfortable in front of a microphone! And I have nearly 20 years of professional and now personal experience in motherhood to share. I want to pass along some easy tools for self-care during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.

If you know me, I don’t do anything small. I have a strong drive and am a perfectionist. So, I took a course in March to learn the best ways to start a successful YouTube channel. I ordered my equipment. I wrote out my topics. I came up with important, helpful tools that I use and share with my patients. I felt ready to go!

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March and our worlds went spinning!

After a few weeks of settling into the chaos, I had an idea. I am not at my office to film the videos (nor did I have the time anymore!). I realized, I can pivot in the crisis and create posts on Facebook and Instagram that are supportive and helpful.

In the past two weeks I have posted 7 tips for coping with a Pregnancy in a Pandemic.

Here is the list of tips:

Tip #1 – Say your worries out loud to someone you trust

Tip #2 – Write down your wish list

Tip #3 – U/S Mantra: I see you little one. I am your mighty mama.

Tip # 4 – Ask for what you need

Tip # 5 – Stay in THIS moment

Tip #6 – Be honest with your partner

Tip #7 – Trust in your body

In each post, I addressed the worries and concerns, as well as ways to mentally and physically maneuver through the stress. My my goal is to support the vulnerable moms and dads bringing a new baby into this stressful world. I wish for each 2020 baby to feel loved, nurtured and secure.

Check out the posts:



Now, I am working on my next projects to prepare for May’s Maternal Mental Health awareness month. My new posts will be:

  • Stressed to Refreshed Mom
  • Optimal Pregnancy in Body, Mind & Soul

Then, stay tuned for my YouTube Channel – Kathryn Gardner coming soon!

Best wishes to you and your family! Stay healthy!