Best Way to Add Wellness to Your Vacation

Vacation….vacation…vacation. I love the sound of that word! I actually love it even more now that I have started thinking about it as an opportunity to do chemistry. Wait…what?

Well, it’s not exactly chemistry, but vacation reminds me of chemistry because vacation can be a catalyst. I remember hearing the word catalyst for the first time when I was in high school chemistry. It was such a cool concept to me. This one substance, the catalyst, was about to speed up the entire chemical reaction.  Essentially it was causing a change at a much quicker rate. It seemed so powerful…and IT IS! 

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Energy Foods to Grab on Your Vacation

Food. The word is so simple and so refreshingly basic. The relationship humans have with food, however, is often anything but simple and basic. There are memories, traditions and emotions that are interwoven with food.

Some of the traditions and memories begin while on family outings or vacations. The ice cream shop we visit every time we go to Clearwater Beach brings back memories of wet hair and sandy toes. The restaurant we visit when we land at Orlando Airport, immediately gives me butterflies when I see it because it is the exciting start to our great adventure. When I think of the s’mores we make around the fire pit, I can almost feel the cool night air and see the white flickering of stars against the night sky as the marshmallows roast. Food can do that. Food has power.  

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How to Totally Relax on Vacation

The Dream

Ahhhh…picture it…you’re in Bali, the wind gently sweeps your hair from your face as you lay in the shadow of a giant palm while the waves serenade you into a tranquil slumber.  Do you feel that?  Ahhhhhhmazing!

The Reality

Now, let’s be real:) You forgot to put sunscreen on your shoulders and forehead yesterday at the amusement park and are red enough to signal planes. Your son is crying and grabbing at his unmentionables because you forgot that he hates those mesh liners in swim trunks. The sand always gets trapped in them and you forgot to cut the liner out before you packed.  Meanwhile you see your husband quickly hopping barefoot through the sand like he’s on hot coals.  He blew a flip flop earlier but valiantly agreed to take one for the team and visit every beach booth within a mile to look for scissors.  Do you feel that? Uhhhhh yeah!

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What is DIY Wellness Travel? How Can it Change Your Life?

The Mind of a Mom on Vacation

“I got your clothes out for you. Once we get dressed we will go to breakfast,” you say as you desperately try to cram every possible essential needed for a day at a waterpark, and possibly Armageddon, into a beach bag. Let’s see band-aids, hand wipes, sunscreen.  “Ok, let’s not jump on the beds.” 6 bottles of water, phone, dry clothes. “No, Buddy, remember don’t eat anything out of the little refrigerator, that’s not for us,” you cringe as you side eye the mini fridge hoping your son didn’t just eat a $10 Kit Kat. Goggles, hotel room key, hotel brochure in case you suddenly develop amnesia and forget where you are staying:)

Sound familiar? 

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