A Mom’s Love

A mom loves so deeply, she forgets about her own needs. Do you have those days when you have forgotten to brush your teeth? You haven’t eaten in who knows how many hours! You aren’t sure when your last shower was. You are so focused on caring for and caring about your little one. Thankfully, as my kids have gotten older, I make sure I have time for me. Yet, I still feel guilty and want to make sure I am devoting myself to what their heart needs. 

A mom loves so strongly, it can physically ache if something goes wrong. Every part of her is shaken. 

A mom’s love is just a reflection of how deeply God loves and adores each of us. He gave moms a special job to CARE FOR and CARE ABOUT their children. Pray to Him for strength and wisdom if you are weary! He’s got you!! 

Today is World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day – today, please reach out if you need support. You are not alone. With help, you will be well! 

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! 

I want to encourage you and help to RECHARGE your battery for this incredible journey of motherhood. In your daily life and especially on your next vacation, there is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your family and CONNECT you all back to what matters most! I share weekly YouTube videos and blog posts, I hope they help you today! 

Be Well and God Bless,

Coach Kathy

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