A Mom’s Love

A mom loves so deeply, she forgets about her own needs. Do you have those days when you have forgotten to brush your teeth? You haven’t eaten in who knows how many hours! You aren’t sure when your last shower was. You are so focused on caring for and caring about your little one. Thankfully, as my kids have gotten older, I make sure I have time for me. Yet, I still feel guilty and want to make sure I am devoting myself to what their heart needs. 

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What moves you?

Even though we shouldn’t, I think most of us look at ourselves in the mirror at least once a day and find something wrong with our reflection. Maybe you see wrinkles, frown lines, freckles, stretch marks, loose skin, dimples on the wrong cheeks? I know I have seen many of those flaws in my own reflection. Every day we look at ourselves and judge ourselves. Meanwhile, I have a little girl that I am trying to make so fiercely confident in herself that it doesn’t matter what the world may throw at her, she is ready to face it head on!  I tell her every day how beautiful she is, how funny she is, how amazing she is! I am trying to pump her up and make her believe she can and will do anything she wants to do! She is 7 and she is so full of sass (but not in a disrespectful way!) that I think I must be doing a great job as her hype man! I bet you are all doing the same thing for your daughters.

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Morning Prayer for Mental Health

“In the past two weeks have you had any feelings of being down, depressed or hopeless?” This is the question I ask every patient every time they have an appointment. I ask this question because it is so important to address not just your physical health with your doctor, but your mental health as well.  In the last year or so, the common response has become “Well, aren’t we all a little depressed right now?” Or “No more than anyone else is!” Or “Ha!” and then nothing more. 

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Best Journaling Topics to Recharge Moms

Humans have been writing, in various forms, since we have been in existence. Whether it was carving symbols into stones, dipping quills into inkwells, putting number 2 pencils on lined paper, pecking away at typewriters, typing on the first computers or texting and emailing on smartphones, we have been writing.  

Sometimes it was a matter of survival, to mark a location in a stone of where to hunt for food. Sometimes it was to compose documents that declared our freedoms and rights. Sometimes it was a letter to a far away loved one. And sometimes, it was for the writer’s eyes only. 

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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Soul on Vacation

I would bet you a million dollars that no one has ever asked you this question, “How does your soul feel after vacation?” If someone has asked you this, I have two requests. The first is that you give that person my contact information because I would truly like to have them as a friend. Secondly, that you forgive me because I have no way of paying the million dollars owed. 🙂 It is interesting, as I write this, I am thinking of all the things I ask people when they get back from vacation. “Was it great? Did you have fun? How was the weather? Do you want to go back?” I never even ask people about how it affected their physical health, let alone their soul. To all of you who know me out there, I apologize. Now it won’t be a surprise to you when I ask you how your soul is after vacation. It makes me very aware that we tend to neglect this very important aspect of our being. 

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What is DIY Wellness Travel? How Can it Change Your Life?

The Mind of a Mom on Vacation

“I got your clothes out for you. Once we get dressed we will go to breakfast,” you say as you desperately try to cram every possible essential needed for a day at a waterpark, and possibly Armageddon, into a beach bag. Let’s see band-aids, hand wipes, sunscreen.  “Ok, let’s not jump on the beds.” 6 bottles of water, phone, dry clothes. “No, Buddy, remember don’t eat anything out of the little refrigerator, that’s not for us,” you cringe as you side eye the mini fridge hoping your son didn’t just eat a $10 Kit Kat. Goggles, hotel room key, hotel brochure in case you suddenly develop amnesia and forget where you are staying:)

Sound familiar? 

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BEST way to add wellness to your next vacation

I’m ready for summer! Summer means vacation!! Have you planned a vacation?

When we add Do-it-yourself Wellness Travel tips to our vacation, we enjoy, connect and recharge!! Yes, please!!

In today’s YouTube episode 37, I am sharing 4 great, easy ways to add wellness to your family vacation. You can maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle on your trip. Then, you can get to the relaxation you truly desire!

I rated each of the 4 wellness tips and you’ll find out the BEST way to add wellness to your next family vacation!

Have a great weekend, moms!

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DIY Wellness Travel on YouTube

Yes!! 🙌 Mama needs a vacay! 🌴☀️ It has been too long! And oh, do we NEED one!! 😟
Are you planning your next vacation? I love daydreaming about where we will go next! 🌊🍹
After the year we have had, we need time to getaway, relax and recharge our battery. But I was concerned that vacation would just be a REPEAT of all of the stress at home. So, I added the wellness tools that I use as a Certified Health Coach @drsearswellness @haydensears1 to our trip; what I am calling “Do-it-yourself Wellness Travel” #wellnesstravel It worked!! 🙌 It is possible to have a calm mind, a strong body and a nourished soul while on your family vacation! And, bonus – I kept using the tools after we got home!
With my “DIY Wellness Travel” success, I am putting together new YouTube Videos with Relaxation on Vacation tips! Check out my YouTube Channel – Tranquility Moms. Episode 35 is HOW to feel TOTALLY RELAXED on your family vacation – DIY Wellness Travel for Moms!
Let’s plan your next vacation and rejuvenate body, mind & soul! 💗
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Happy Mother’s Day 2021

Some days, there isn’t an hour that goes by that I haven’t grabbed a paper towel…for something sticky or smelly to wipe up! 🤣 But, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🥰

“Motherhood is messy. And challenging. And crazy. And sleepless. And giving. And still unbelievably beautiful.” – Rachel Martin

I feel so blessed to be a mom to 2 amazing kids! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #motherhoodjoy

I have also been so blessed to have connected with you! As a Family Therapist, I am grateful that I have spent the past 20 years getting to know thousands of moms on their journey to becoming pregnant, during your pregnancy, crying with you during your loss, new motherhood and the ups & downs through the years! Thank you for taking me on this vulnerable journey with you! You are AMAZING!! 😘

Today, I am wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day! May your day be filled with hugs!! 🤗

All love, Kathryn 💗

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Introduce myself!

If we met in person, I usually give hugs (pre-COVID 😁)! I love meeting new people and connecting with old friends! 💓
First of all, I am so glad you are here in the Tranquility Moms community. I have learned so much, personally and professionally, over the past 20 years and wanted to share it with YOU! My focus is sharing anxiety and wellness tips for moms during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.
Fun fact – I actually started my specialty as a Therapist in maternal mental health BEFORE I had kids. I was so drawn to the connection between mental health and obstetrical care. I loved seeing moms get back on their feet mentally and emotionally during such a key life change. Then, when we had children (we have a boy and a girl), WOW….it rocked my world! I experienced all kinds of panic, worry and was unable to enjoy all the moments.
So, I have been passionate about helping others and bringing moms lots of encouragement and easy, quick tools to control anxiety. I work every day to find my own tranquility and I want to help you too!
If we have not met, I wanted to take a moment to share a little about myself!
Kathryn Gardner
🌟 My faith is very important to me and got even stronger in 2020 😉 God brings me the strength and wisdom I need, just when I need it and loves me, even with my weaknesses.
🌟 I am married to a Chicago police officer with 25 years of service.
🌟 We have 2 kids. Our son is in 2nd grade and loves all sports. Our daughter is in Kindergarten and loves all things dolls.
🌟 The beach is my happy place!
🌟 I prefer baking instead of cooking dinner!
🌟 I am always working on improving my patience level.
🌟 I am a Therapist that specializes in working with moms and pregnant moms, as well as a Certified Health Coach.
🌟 I started a YouTube channel – Tranquility Moms – in 2020, to share education and information for moms and pregnant moms coping with anxiety and stress.
It is so good to connect with you! We are in motherhood together! 💗
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