Power Up, Moms!

I was standing in the middle of Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and I realized that my cell phone was almost dead. I had used it all day long to check the wait times for rides, check the weather about the pending storm, order our lunch food and text with my family about our long list of plans for the rest of the day at Disney. 

I had taken countless pictures and used my cell phone all day long. Now, I stood there concerned about what would happen if my cell phone battery died. It was blinking red and the phone was glitching, the apps would not open without an error message and I realized, without a full battery, I was going to miss the next photo moment or a text with updates from my brother or not have a poncho for the storm that was definitely coming! I would not be able to function properly, I needed to recharge my phone!

We are like those cell phones, we glitch and all functions do not work properly when we have a low battery. But how low has my battery gotten?

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Year in Review: A New Year’s Eve Activity

Well…how are you? Have you taken a breath yet after the holidays? I have to admit, I love the few days between Christmas and the new year. There is this beautiful gap of time that I feel is comparable to the moment you stop moving after a long run or jog. 

When you stop running you stand there for a moment, hands on both knees, head hanging down and gasping for some air. After a few minutes you grab a water, take a seat and allow yourself to just exist for a bit. 

That’s what these 6 days between Christmas and the new year feel like to me. They really feel like a gift that holds a special opportunity to reflect. 

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Help For Grieving Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a season that is like an explosion of emotions. We can be excited and joyful one moment while watching a child rip through the wrapping paper like a wild animal. The next moment we may be feeling sentimental as we sink our teeth into the cookies made from grandma’s recipe. As we sit down at the table, we feel thankful for those who are gathered with us. In the very next moment, we may be sad and feel a deep sense of missing and longing for those we have lost. 

Grief and loss are a very real part of the holiday season. These are the people you have loved most in life. To feel the impact of their absence at the holidays is only human.

So today, I thought I would take this opportunity around the holidays to share a few insights and resources on grief and loss that could assist you through this season. 

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Eat Until Your Heart’s Content

Ok! So recently, I saw this really cool fact that said that part of the reason that we gain weight over the holidays is actually because we get less vitamin D during the late fall/winter months! Before you stop reading because I gave you more information than you ever wanted about vitamin D last time, I promise you this isn’t another article about vitamin D! Ok! The other reason we gain weight is because we are simply eating more food! I know for me, eating doesn’t just increase because of all of the yummy treats we tend to make over the holidays. For me, eating increases because of stress! So while we may need that extra dose of vitamin D too, I say we also need a better solution for stress eating! I know we all love our families, but if we are completely honest, having everyone over to the house, cooking for 20 plus people and providing lodging for relatives coming from out of town can definitely increase our need to self soothe with food! I have tried to quit emotional eating.  I have tried, and I have failed. I don’t want you to think I am going to try and reinvent the wheel in this one article for you though. Instead, I am going to give you some fun information about how to make the foods that we often consume over the holidays work in a whole new way for you!

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The Possible Lost Key to Meeting Your Goals

I am not going to lie, I did some real soul-searching for this blog post. Goal setting for me is a bit of a sore subject. Let’s just say I am wealthy in ideas and poor in execution. I could rattle off a dozen or so major things that I said I was going to do in my life and never did.

Ahhh yes, remember the time I thought I was going to leave the counseling field? I took a week off of work and sat through a real estate certification course and then never took my test! Or, how about when I was going to become a professional chef? Oh yeah, and there was that time I purchased an online course to become an interior designer. Then there was that time I purchased a package to work on publishing my own novel. YUP…never completed ANY of them! 

You may be asking yourself why in the heck would I read a blog post from a person who has difficulty meeting goals when the topic is on meeting goals? I don’t blame you. But let me give you a reason to hang with me just a little bit longer. 

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How to Reduce Anxiety by Using Your Senses

As I was walking the other day I found myself deeply inhaling the smell of fall leaves and just fall in general. Fall is such a treat for the senses. The sounds of leaves and nuts crunching under my feet and the way the angle of the sun was casting shadows differently had my attention. I felt so at peace and so present.  In that moment, it occurred to me that fall is a wonderful time of year to write a post on how we can use our senses as a tool to help manage anxiety.

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Exercise: Why It’s Normal for Moms to Struggle With Motivation & What We Can Do About It

Ahhhh exercise. The word itself is both invigorating and demoralizing at the same time. We have been inundated with infomercials on HOW MUCH to do, WHAT KIND to do, WHAT EQUIPMENT you need, WHAT TO EAT for optimal results when you exercise and the list goes on and on. After writing that sentence, I don’t even want to think about exercising if I am being honest. There is too much “noise” around it. As a mom, the last thing I want is more “noise.” We’ve got noise to give away around here. 🙂 

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Fall Family Activity to Reconnect

My hope is that this post will provide you with an activity that you can do with your kids that will actually leave you feeling restored in body, mind and soul and that your family feels a greater sense of connection afterward. 

When my son was younger, I remember thinking I wanted more moments of connection with him.  It seemed that the day to day tasks took up most of our time. The reality was that with work and all the things that go along with having younger children, I didn’t have time to plan for these activities and I especially didn’t have time to fully think about how to maximize an activity like this one. 

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Improve Your Mood in 5 Minutes With Intentional Daily Devotion

Devotion as a word conjures up imagery of love, dedication, passion and commitment.  But… is that what it is? 

I seriously didn’t know. Isn’t it interesting how we can live our whole lives with these words and yet, never sit with them for a moment to contemplate their meaning, their significance and their origin?

I guess I should say, “I have lived my whole life and have not contemplated the meaning of the word devotion.” Maybe others are spending more time in the dictionary than I am. 🙂

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