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Thank you for your loyalty and support since 2019, when I began the Morning Jumpstart for Moms blog! I wanted to share tips with you in motherhood that have helped me, personally and professionally, as a Therapist and Coach that specializes in working with moms!

In 2020, I founded Tranquility Moms. My passion is to share coping tools with moms struggling with stress and anxiety in pregnancy, postpartum and in motherhood. I have grown the Tranquility Moms website and created a blog and YouTube channel with tips on family, faith, travel and wellness! Join me at the new spot and let’s get to know one another!

Be well and God bless,

Coach Kathy

Kathryn D. Gardner, LCPC, PMH-C, CHC

How to Totally Relax on Vacation

The Dream

Ahhhh…picture it…you’re in Bali, the wind gently sweeps your hair from your face as you lay in the shadow of a giant palm while the waves serenade you into a tranquil slumber.  Do you feel that?  Ahhhhhhmazing!

The Reality

Now, let’s be real:) You forgot to put sunscreen on your shoulders and forehead yesterday at the amusement park and are red enough to signal planes. Your son is crying and grabbing at his unmentionables because you forgot that he hates those mesh liners in swim trunks. The sand always gets trapped in them and you forgot to cut the liner out before you packed.  Meanwhile you see your husband quickly hopping barefoot through the sand like he’s on hot coals.  He blew a flip flop earlier but valiantly agreed to take one for the team and visit every beach booth within a mile to look for scissors.  Do you feel that? Uhhhhh yeah!

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What is DIY Wellness Travel? How Can it Change Your Life?

The Mind of a Mom on Vacation

“I got your clothes out for you. Once we get dressed we will go to breakfast,” you say as you desperately try to cram every possible essential needed for a day at a waterpark, and possibly Armageddon, into a beach bag. Let’s see band-aids, hand wipes, sunscreen.  “Ok, let’s not jump on the beds.” 6 bottles of water, phone, dry clothes. “No, Buddy, remember don’t eat anything out of the little refrigerator, that’s not for us,” you cringe as you side eye the mini fridge hoping your son didn’t just eat a $10 Kit Kat. Goggles, hotel room key, hotel brochure in case you suddenly develop amnesia and forget where you are staying:)

Sound familiar? 

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Happy Mother’s Day 2021

Some days, there isn’t an hour that goes by that I haven’t grabbed a paper towel…for something sticky or smelly to wipe up! 🤣 But, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🥰

“Motherhood is messy. And challenging. And crazy. And sleepless. And giving. And still unbelievably beautiful.” – Rachel Martin

I feel so blessed to be a mom to 2 amazing kids! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #motherhoodjoy

I have also been so blessed to have connected with you! As a Family Therapist, I am grateful that I have spent the past 20 years getting to know thousands of moms on their journey to becoming pregnant, during your pregnancy, crying with you during your loss, new motherhood and the ups & downs through the years! Thank you for taking me on this vulnerable journey with you! You are AMAZING!! 😘

Today, I am wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day! May your day be filled with hugs!! 🤗

All love, Kathryn 💗

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Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

You may have so many questions about ANXIETY in pregnancy and postpartum! 😫 WHY do I have so many worries? HOW do I stop the racing thoughts? WHEN will I feel calm and enjoy motherhood? WHO else feels this way!?!

That is why I created the TRANQUILITY MOMS YouTube channel – to answer your questions, to get you quick information and to help YOU feel as calm and confident as you wish to be as a MOM! 🤰🤱👩‍👧‍👦 #pregnancy #postpartum #motherhood

Motherhood is tough! You may feel like you want to get it RIGHT. 🌟 But everyday is not smooth and there are so many unknowns! You need quick and easy tools to reduce your anxiety, feel less tense and be able to enjoy this moment. 😌

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness month – a great opportunity for moms and pregnant moms to learn they are not alone, gain education about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and begin the path of health & wellness today! #MMHWeek2021 #maternalMHmatters

I have created over 30 YouTube videos with content for you:

🎥 WHY do I have Postpartum Anxiety?

🎥 How to prevent Mommy Burnout? Time to ask for help.

🎥 How to fall back to sleep!

🎥 Pregnancy and Finding a Counselor

🎥 Anxiety in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters (I break down the specific issues of stress in each trimester and how to cope!)

🎥 Anticipatory Anxiety about taking baby out in public (especially in a pandemic!)


I hope these videos are helpful and bring you calm. The link to the YouTube channel is in my Instagram bio or search TRANQUILITY MOMS on YouTube. Please SUBSCRIBE to see when new videos are uploaded. LIKE the video to show other moms that you learned new tools to use today. 🥰

Have a great day, Moms! All love, Kathryn 🌺

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Mom Anxiety

Ever wonder where your doubts as a mom come from? We have so many decisions to make, so much to problem solve and most of the tasks we do are brand new to us. It’s overwhelming to think about how vital our role is when there is no instruction manual. What makes motherhood even more difficult is when you feel like you can’t make a decision or your thoughts are focused on failing, making a mistake, and getting it wrong!

Anxiety is our scanning system to find anything wrong or dangerous – physically or emotionally. So, at each decision or each bathtime or each doctor appointment – our Mom Anxiety starts pointing out what it believes we did wrong! Our ability as a mom is now completely doubted. We start to spin in doubts and feeling like a failure. This puts us into a FREEZE mode – we don’t want to do or decide anything now!

Your Mom Anxiety has a clever way of interrupting all of your Mom Confidence with thoughts like, “hmmmm, should you really do that? Is that the right choice? Are you doing it the right way? Will you regret that later? What will others think?”

That’s when we need our BIG RED STOP SIGN 🚫 – S.T.O.P. this is my Mom Anxiety telling me I can’t do it, I’m going to mess up and fail.

I need to focus on the FACTS – how long has this been going on, what do I observe, what is the pattern, who are my experts (Oh and don’t google – it never leads to calmness!). Then repeat to yourself, “I love my child so much, I am going to work to find the best answers based on what we know right now.” Once you have calmed your Mom Anxiety, you can think more clearly and listen to that amazing gut instinct you were given!

We are in motherhood together!! You are doing a great job! You’ve got this Mom!! 🌺💗

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Peace be with you

If you ask a woman before she has kids: what it will be like with a baby, what type of mom will you be and how will you handle the stress? You may get a confident and enthusiastic answer, followed by fear and uncertainty.

It’s not that she doesn’t keep parts of that enthusiasm into her journey of motherhood, it’s that the hardships push you to limits you have never experienced before! 😩

If you are pregnant, you may be dreaming about the near future and how it will be. You may have heard war stories from experienced moms. It’s hard to picture what your experience will be like. There are so many variables, such as, how will your delivery go, if your baby feeds well, if you have consistent help, if your relationship has NO other stress going on, or if you are wired to be a worrier to begin with.

When I meet with pregnant moms or new moms in counseling, we talk about expectations. But most importantly, it is about learning how to be flexible with your expectations. My experience has been that the more rigid your expectations, the harder it is to cope with the reality.

So, to process life as it is vs what you had imagined it would be, you need to remove SHOULD from your thoughts. Each SHOULD leads to guilt and shame. No thanks!!

Try replacing your SHOULD in the statement:

👍 I should be happy every day as a Mom. Instead say to yourself, I can find joyful moments every day.

👍 I should enjoy caring for all of my baby’s needs. Instead say to yourself, I care for my baby with love and it is okay to ask for help when I need to.

👍 I should have all of the answers. Instead say to yourself, I am learning every day and will ask my experts if I am not sure.

As you shift your thoughts, you will find the peace and tranquility that comes with retraining your mind.

Have you seen any of my YouTube videos for Moms and Pregnant Moms? I share all kinds of helpful, easy tips for moms – to go from Stressed to Refreshed! Kathryn Gardner Channel

Today, take care of yourself! 💗

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Foods to Give You Energy

Happy Friday Moms! 🌺💗 Today’s YouTube video is about healthy, quick foods that give you energy! 💪🧠

Whether you are pregnant, a new mom or chasing kids around, you need plenty of energy to keep up! Unfortunately, we are typically pretty sleep deprived and don’t get energy at night. Ugh! 😭

So, we need QUICK & EASY foods to add to meals, grab on the go or munch on for snacks that will REFUEL us! 🍎🍌🥔🍳🍽

Being refreshed means that you are calmer, happier, able to concentrate and more patient. 🙌

In the video, I share 5 foods that you can grab at the grocery store this week to BOOST YOUR ENERGY! 🎖 Link to my YouTube Channel “Kathryn Gardner

Today, take care of yourself! 🤰🤱👩‍👧‍👦🌺

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Moments of Self-care

Taking just a moment for yourself may feel like “not enough” to reset your energy. When your battery is drained and you feel weary, you may struggle to do anything for yourself. Your time is divided as a mom and everyone else’s needs come first.

“What difference will one small wellness moment make?” Your wish may be for an entire spa day! Your total fantasy – a getaway weekend!! 🏖

That’s not realistic for most moms! (If you can do a spa day or getaway, go for it!) But for the rest of the days of the year, we need easy, small ways to give ourselves self-love and a recharge.

As soon as we are refreshed, we are more loving to our family, more calm, more patient and more fun! 🥰

Want to test the theory that a little goes a long way? Think of the last day you were super-crabby – um, did you do any self-care moments on that day?!

If you read my ebook at Christmas, I introduced the “BE on the 3’s” exercise. Every time you see a 3 on your clock, pause and do a self-care activity – body, mind or soul. These small moments will recharge your battery. They do add up, like each drop in the ocean! 🌊

Check out my YouTube videos on Self-Care:
🌺 9 Self-Care Habits
🌺 Self-care Tools in 1 Minute Each
🌺 How to Stop Mommy Burnout
🌺 Positive Self-talk
🌺 Breathing Exercises

Today, take care of yourself! 💗

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Anxious Moms

Are you thinking the same thing I am thinking – HAAAAAA, those don’t exist in motherhood!?! 🤣

When you are wired to be more anxious and a worrier, you wish for a serene environment, control and predictability. It has become your belief that you can only feel calm (and happy) if you have those circumstances around you. So, you seek more of it – certainty, calm and order – in order to keep your anxious thoughts in check!

Have you noticed that the more anxious your thoughts are, the more tense you feel, the more uptight and impatient you are? Thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to your reactions vs responses.

So, as soon as your anxiety radar picks up on the opposite – uncertainty, chaos and disorder – the more your thoughts race and become jumbled, you may start to panic, leading to unpleasant feelings and a fear of losing total control. So you REACT to try to STOP it all!

Okay, step 1 – let’s get YOUR thoughts back in control.

It is much easier said than done, but my number tip for Anxious Moms – ACCEPT the environment, don’t resist it. It is happening whether you are calm or anxious. It is YOU that can change and keep your inner place of tranquility.

Today, to focus your thoughts on what you CAN control, repeat “I can handle this,” three times.




Take a breath and control the anxiety that is trying to take over! 😌

Managing your thoughts and what you focus on will change your whole attitude. Long term, you will shift that belief that everything has to be in order to be at peace. And ironically, you will have more in order the calmer that you are! 😉 🙌

Have you seen any of my YouTube videos for Moms and Pregnant Moms? I share all kinds of helpful, easy tips for moms – to go from Stressed to Refreshed! The link is in my Instagram bio.

Today, take care of yourself! 💗

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