I’ve Moved ~ Join me at the Tranquility Moms blog

Thank you for your loyalty and support since 2019, when I began the Morning Jumpstart for Moms blog! I wanted to share tips with you in motherhood that have helped me, personally and professionally, as a Therapist and Coach that specializes in working with moms!

In 2020, I founded Tranquility Moms. My passion is to share coping tools with moms struggling with stress and anxiety in pregnancy, postpartum and in motherhood. I have grown the Tranquility Moms website and created a blog and YouTube channel with tips on family, faith, travel and wellness! Join me at the new spot and let’s get to know one another!

Be well and God bless,

Coach Kathy

Kathryn D. Gardner, LCPC, PMH-C, CHC