Perfect Trick to Fall Asleep Tonight

Last night, I needed to add something to my “unwind time” before bed! As a mom, we are going in so many different directions, that it can be tough to relax our minds and our bodies at bedtime!

I listened to a beautiful ocean waves video on YouTube (I added it to our DIY Wellness Travel playlist on the Tranquility Moms YouTube channel – if you want to try it tonight!). I closed my eyes and imagined the gentle waves coming up on the shore. I could imagine the warm sand under my feet. I felt the heat of the sun on my face. I saw the seagulls gliding up above. I felt at peace. I had found my TRANQUILITY! #tranquilitymoms

Sleep is so valuable in how restored we feel the next day! A good night’s sleep has many benefits including: improved concentration, cell restoration, healing of the body, and boosting the immune system. #rechargedmoms

Tonight, to help yourself fall asleep, listen to a meditation or instrumental soundtrack for 5-7 minutes. This will calm your breathing, slow your racing thoughts and help cue your body to get into a restful state! #goodsleep

No matter where you are, you can imagine nature calming and healing you! #naturetherapy

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All Love,

Kathryn (a Mom, Therapist to Moms & Certified Health Coach)