God Gave Moms a Special Job

“Job” doesn’t even seem to describe what we do! It is a calling and takes such selfless dedication! It is SPECIAL and what you have to do takes strength and wisdom! Any mom wishing to have a baby will tell you that she knows how special the role of mother is.

God knows you and chose you for this very important role of mother. He knows how much love you have to give. God gave you the task to CARE FOR and CARE ABOUT your children. This happens in so many forms from infancy through sending them off to college. The number of ways you CARE FOR each of your kids are unique to who that child is and how you take care of their meals, their health, their wellbeing, their emotional support, their academics and what they need for their activities. No one cares for your child like you do. You CARE ABOUT them no matter how well they are doing or what they are struggling with. This is at the core of NURTURING, you DO have a special job, PRAY for whatever you need, Mama!

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